Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Gestalt of Public Speaking.

Why do you need to learn better public speaking delivery skills?

When speaking, content is king, no doubt. However, if all you have is content and no delivery skills do everyone a favor: Write up a report, hand it out and keep your seat.

Delivering a speech is a gestalt, worth more than the sum of its parts. Good content, well delivered is more powerful than the content alone flat on the page.

You will actually undermine your content with poor speaking skills. People will tune out. Worse, they will decide that your poor speaking skills are directly related to the quality of your ideas.

Learn better delivery skills to get out of your own way and let your message shine.

What are your thoughts on content and delivery?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's the Matter with Books?

I love books. I really do. Just check out the picture of a small portion of my book collection.

But lately, I'm finding books...just a bit...well...irritating.

My biggest problem with books is that you can't search them. Sure I can look at the index but half the time I can't find what I want there. And all too often there is no index. And fiction books never have an index.

Let's say you're reading a novel and on page 211 the author mentions a character. Was this a character from earlier in the book? Wouldn't it be great to search back and find out that the character was introduced way back on page 32 and hasn't been mentioned since? I think it would be.

Ok, ok, I could get a Kindle. But what about all the books I already have. Or books from the library. And besides, I love books. I really do.