Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I learned from Lana May's beaded jewelry class.

Monday we hosted a class in beaded jewelry weaving at our home.

My wife Sharon announced how the class would work. When Lana May teaches she doesn't start with a big overview of her projects. She simply asks, "Who is ready to start?" and goes to each table or individual as needed. The entire day was self-paced with expert, personal guidance whenever you needed it. An advantage of this system is if people come late it simply doesn't matter. Lana just gets them started and moves to someone who needs help at a different place in the pattern. She taught 3 different projects to 15 people all progressing at different speeds. Impressive.

I was amazed to see our living room transformed into a classroom accommodating 15 students and our kitchen transformed into a product showcase for 2 jewelry designers, Lana May ( ) and my wife ( ). Many patterns and kits (products) were sold.

This shows that if you start small (but think big) you can start an information enterprise right where you live for fun or profit.

Do Something Different! Get more out of life.