Monday, March 2, 2009

Do the obvious!

A recent news report on a diet study made a blinding flash of the obvious. If you want to lose weight - get this - eat less and move more.


The report stated it didn't matter which diet you used. Just consume fewer calories. Do even better by getting more exercise. Oh, and to sustain your efforts, have a support system with other people.

We also know, to get better at something - anything - we need to practice. Not just practice, but practice those aspects of what we wish to improve that are difficult, if not impossible for us. It is important in those improvement efforts to have some expert guidance and the support of others.

Hey, that sounds like the dieting study.

But few people actually DO the obvious. Most people look for shortcuts. Most people do what's comfortable. Most people do the same thing over and over and expect different results. It has been pointed out that this is a form of insanity.

So because most people don't DO the obvious, few people get really, really good at anything. Most people ignore the obvious and do what's comfortable but ineffective.

Do something different! Do the obvious!