Monday, June 15, 2009

What have they done to my TV?

Digital TV transmission is here. Analog is over.

Change has come.

This is what change is like. Love digital TV or hate it, that is the new reality.

The process was much like change within an organization.

I know that today there are those who will tell you that no one ever told them about the change to digital TV. They will tell you this despite the almost incessant public service announcements that aired for months before the change.

There are those who will tell you this change is good for everybody and point to increased programming on multiple channels and to the use of the now freed up bandwidth for other uses. Change is good! (And we've been telling you for months, years even. Pay attention! It's been postponed a gazillion times. Oy!)

No wonder people get frustrated by change. Both changers and -um- changees.

Why do we think everything will be, indeed must be, smooth. Some people will understand, receive the message of change, get on board, and thrive. Others will not. More often then not change widens gaps rather than closing them. Some gain, others lose or, at least, don't gain.

You wonder why there is resistance to change? Well,one reason is that some people lose out when change hits. Even something like digital TV. No amount of communication can erase that fact.

But communication and taking steps to reduce the pain for those who will not gain will help.

This even plays out for personal change. There are aspects of yourself that lose when you change...even if it is a good change...a change you want to happen.

When we moved to our "new" house nine years ago we were happy. We still are. I can't imagine moving back, but...

I have a video taken of our old home after everything had been removed. I went from room to room silently documenting the place. Every time I see it I am choked with emotion. Why?

These are the bedrooms we decorated for the kids. This is the stairway the kids would roll their slinkys down. This is the dining room were we had great meals, fought, made up, laughed, discussed our move to the new house. Every nook and cranny of that place was filled with memories...and we left it to embrace something new.

Change is great. But it always comes with a price. If you want to change or want your organization to change, you must understand and pay that price.

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