Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attend the University of YOU.

So you want to do something different?

But you don't have a degree for that professional job?

Well, you'd be surprised at what you can do and how far you can go WITHOUT that degree.

You see, I want you to start using your gifts right now, to do something today not wait until tomorrow. Even people who have a degree are often working in fields that have nothing to do with their schooling. These days it is easier than ever to learn to do something different.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

Google it.

Start with google. Find what you can on the subject of interest. Then use Amazon and find books on that topic and get them from your library. Even if your library doesn't have the book they can probably get it through an interlibrary loan. Use your library to find out more by searching academic journals and other research tools and databases.

Apply your learning.

Let's say you want to try landscaping. Try with your own home. Ask if you can do free projects for a friend or perhaps a non-profit organization. Build a portfolio of projects.

This can work in many fields: Web design, career coaching, social media, theater, writing, use your own imagination.

Use your gifts. Do something different!

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