Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Are Self-employed!

Yes you are!

Even if you have one of those things called "a job" you are self-employed. This was the central insight that turned my work life around in the 1990s. As Pam Slim said in her Declaration of Independence, "I am self employed regardless of who pays me." (See her slideshow here.)

What happens when you see yourself as self-employed is, you begin to see the work world as a market...including your employer. Look, no one is using all of your many talents and abilities. I'm guessing your job only uses a narrow sliver of what you are capable of doing. So find other markets and pitch your services to them. Yes, outside and INSIDE your employer's enterprise.

Hey check out Pam Slim's new book Escape from Cubicle Nation too. (And her blog.)

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