Monday, June 25, 2007

Do Something...Simple!

If you are trying to work on some complicated action it is a great idea to simplify. Even if you are working on something that really is complex you can break it down into simple actions.

Complicated wording, ideas, and processes get in the way of action. But people believe that such complication is somehow smarter.

It isn't.

According to Jeffery Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton in the Knowing Doing Gap complexity often substitutes talk for action.

Simpler wording makes communicating easier. (It even helps you understand what you are doing better.) Simpler ideas and processes makes getting things done easier. And just more LIKELY to happen. Faced with complicated tasks many people just give up.

All of this simplicity makes it much easier to get other people to help out, to get funding, to sell your project, your product, your service.

So do something different! Do something simple!

P.S. Speaking of simple...what could be simpler than Scott Ginsberg's idea of wearing a nametag 24/7? (See earlier post.) His idea built a career and last week he appeared on 20/20. Way to go Scott!

Check out his blog too.

That's the power of simplicity.

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